Play Monster’s Super Spinner Swing & Super Duper Spinner Swing!

Our backyard is an extension of our home. It’s a place where I let my kids play, run free and go wild. When we moved to the suburbs from the city I was the most excited for my backyard. Pretty much four years later – I still get a thrill knowing it’s all mine (andContinue reading “Play Monster’s Super Spinner Swing & Super Duper Spinner Swing!”

Back to School 2018

Back to School 2018! As the summer heats up in August, and we look forward to the Fall, what’s trending for Back to School is the hot topic. Back to School with Momtrends I was very lucky to have a sneak peek at last week’s Momtrends Back to School event. From fun clothes, to stylishContinue reading “Back to School 2018”

Exploring the Liberty Science Center!

#LSCSummer18 @LibertyScienceCenter @Momtrends I loved science centers as a kid and still do. I’m lucky now that my children comply and join me so I don’t have to go alone (ha!).  I challenge anyone to get the same thrill from modern technology as you do from blowing a giant bubble in a science center bubble maker. TheContinue reading “Exploring the Liberty Science Center!”

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