Greenport, Long Island – The Perfect Relaxing Destination For Families

Greenport, Long Island is absolute heaven. It feels like a small town, it is beautiful, it is on the water, it has great restaurants, cute stores, and even old-fashioned ice cream shoppes. It is the perfect family destination for a day trip or for an overnight stay. As an added bonus – if you liveContinue reading “Greenport, Long Island – The Perfect Relaxing Destination For Families”

Huzzah! Boston – The Perfect Family Vacation

Boston is not only a family friendly walking city but one filled with delicious restaurants and beautiful parks. It’s the epitome of the perfect family destination. My love of Boston began as a teenager when I visited the city with camp. I remember many of the things we did but my favorite memory was ofContinue reading “Huzzah! Boston – The Perfect Family Vacation”

Edaville Family Theme Park, Home of Thomas Land!

If you have a “Thomas the Tank Engine” fiend in your house (like I do – a deux), you must go – right now – to the Edaville Family Theme Park in Carver, MA. My two boys can sit and play with trains for hours. I see it as not only a bonding activity (whenContinue reading “Edaville Family Theme Park, Home of Thomas Land!”

Diggerland’s HUGE Holiday Sale – 12/15!

Ten Reasons Why I Love Diggerland If you read my 2017 Gift Guide, you can see a large chunk of my gift suggestions were experiential. They are the best gifts – they don’t have to be cleaned up, they can be enjoyed by the whole family, and they last for days or even years. OneContinue reading “Diggerland’s HUGE Holiday Sale – 12/15!”

Cherry Crest Farm – A Great Family Destination!

We were so lucky to visit Cherry Crest Farm on our last trip to Lancaster, PA. We saw the farm last year as we passed by in the Strasburg Railroad, but it wasn’t until a friend highly recommended it that we made it a “must see” this time around. I get why, this place wasContinue reading “Cherry Crest Farm – A Great Family Destination!”

Fire & Ice – Great Family Fun at Camelback Resort!

Skiing is a sport people love – unless you’re me – and your skill level is “drinking hot chocolate” (I’ve come to terms with it, I’m ok). Enter Camelback Resort. I married a skier who doesn’t get to go very often (see above) who swore he’d raise our kids to be skiers. But when isContinue reading “Fire & Ice – Great Family Fun at Camelback Resort!”

Tis the Season for Turkey! Turkey Hill Experience, That Is!

With Thanksgiving approaching and everyone googling turkey recipes I sit here reminiscing about our recent Turkey Hill Experience and want to share my recipe. It’s an easy recipe – open lid, get spoon, scoop, and eat.  Because people – without a doubt, my favorite type of turkey is Turkey Hill ice cream. Do you agree?Continue reading “Tis the Season for Turkey! Turkey Hill Experience, That Is!”

Dutch Wonderland – A Fantastic Family Destination!

Hear Ye Hear Ye. If you’re looking for a fun weekend getaway, look no further than Dutch Wonderland. While the water rides are hibernating for the season, the dry rides & shows are plentiful and festivals are non-stop! Amusement Parks Are Rites of Passage Few things are a young family’s rite of passage like aContinue reading “Dutch Wonderland – A Fantastic Family Destination!”

Turks and Caicos – The Perfect Getaway!

‘Twas just a fortnight ago I sat on the sea’s edge with my paramour quietly reading. How lovely it was to have no clock, no responsibilities, and no dependents nearby handing me a booger. As I opined in my Huffington Post piece last month “Vacation: All We Ever Wanted. Vacation: Miles to Getaway!” it wasContinue reading “Turks and Caicos – The Perfect Getaway!”

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