Welcome to The Mint Chip Mama!

~A parenting & lifestyle blog ~

Welcome to The Mint Chip Mama! A parenting & lifestyle blog bursting with family adventures in the New York area. Discover fun things to do at home, cool places to travel, beauty products we love, and delicious things to eat. We have a passion for sharing new products that rock our mom blog world!

Obviously, our favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip. Duh.

The Mint Chip Mama - Parenting & Lifestyle Blog for the Tri-State Area

When we’re not parenting on Long Island, we love tacos, pizza, binge watching shows at 3am, yoga, the beach, travelling, gardening, hikes, Broadway shows, lemon ricotta pancakes, Clueless, 90210, dressing up for 80s/90s dance parties, trivia, & vodka.

We love our family very much but also really enjoy being left alone. Equally important, we feel strongly that Trader Joe’s is the best store on Earth.

The Mint Chip Mama - Father’s Day Gift Guide

Finally, we’re cool with the concept that sometimes it’s OK to yell at your kids. Mainly because we totally agree that they can be really, really annoying.

Check out our most recent blog posts – including family hikes, gardens, & playgrounds on Long Island, 80s & 90s movies, fun art projects, and what I’m thinking about right now as a Long Island Mom Blogger.

The Mint Chip Mama - Parenting & Lifestyle Blog for the Tri-State Area

Please check out The Mint Chip Mama in the Press: The New York Post, Psychology Today, NY Metro Parents, New York Family, Parents Magazine, Newsday, News 12, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt: Kids, NerdWallet, Big Apple Kids Guide, and more! The Mint Chip Mama was also nominated as The Best Blog On Long Island for 2022, one of the Top 20 New York Mom Blogs & Websites, and one of the Top 100 Mom Lifestyle Blogs on the web!

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We are always looking for guest bloggers. It does not have to be about parenting. For example, maybe we both read the same magazine when we hide from our family in the bathroom. Do you have somemthing to say? Do you know about a product we need in our lives? What exciting think do you want to share with the world?

Please reach out to us! You can find us at themintchipmama@gmail.com.

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