My First Baby, My Daughter is 10!

My First Baby, My Daughter is 10! A decade. A decade has passed since I felt the excitement of the unknown of becoming a mom. A decade filled with turning over, first steps, first words, sleepless nights. A decade of passing along clothes too small that I never thought would fit you. A decade ofContinue reading “My First Baby, My Daughter is 10!”

Back to School 2018

Back to School 2018! As the summer heats up in August, and we look forward to the Fall, what’s trending for Back to School is the hot topic. Back to School with Momtrends I was very lucky to have a sneak peek at last week’s Momtrends Back to School event. From fun clothes, to stylishContinue reading “Back to School 2018”

Exploring the Liberty Science Center!

#LSCSummer18 @LibertyScienceCenter @Momtrends I loved science centers as a kid and still do. I’m lucky now that my children comply and join me so I don’t have to go alone (ha!).  I challenge anyone to get the same thrill from modern technology as you do from blowing a giant bubble in a science center bubble maker. TheContinue reading “Exploring the Liberty Science Center!”

What Mom’s of Young Kids Really Want for Mother’s Day

Around this time of year the topic of what moms really want for Mother’s Day always comes up. So I was thinking what do I really want? The list below pretty much sums it up. The good news is – most of these don’t cost anything, your kids can “give” them to you too, andContinue reading “What Mom’s of Young Kids Really Want for Mother’s Day”

DIY Kid’s Superhero Name Sign

When we decided to bunk our two older kids together in one room I was excited to create a brother/sister superhero lair. We’re very lucky our daughter is into superheroes so the theme was an easy sell. I looked for cool name signs for my son but couldn’t quite find what I wanted. Then aContinue reading “DIY Kid’s Superhero Name Sign”

Diggerland’s HUGE Holiday Sale – 12/15!

Ten Reasons Why I Love Diggerland If you read my 2017 Gift Guide, you can see a large chunk of my gift suggestions were experiential. They are the best gifts – they don’t have to be cleaned up, they can be enjoyed by the whole family, and they last for days or even years. OneContinue reading “Diggerland’s HUGE Holiday Sale – 12/15!”

Fire & Ice – Great Family Fun at Camelback Resort!

Camelback Resort Skiing is a sport people love – unless you’re me – and your skill level is “drinking hot chocolate” (I’ve come to terms with it, I’m ok). Enter Camelback Resort. I married a skier who doesn’t get to go very often (see above) who swore he’d raise our kids to be skiers. ButContinue reading “Fire & Ice – Great Family Fun at Camelback Resort!”

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