Fun 90’s Movies To Watch With Your Family Today!

90's movies to watch with your family

As a sister post to my “Fun 80’s Movies to Watch with Your Family Today” post, I present the continuation, cleverly called – Fun 90’s Movies to Watch with Your Family Today!

The 90’s was a decade that brought us Clueless, and a time when I started going to the movies alone with my friends. It’s a decade that people my age (in their 40’s) started coming into their own. I have such warm memories of sitting in (now defunct) movie theaters and feeling like a big shot. I think part of the fun of re-watching these movies with my kids is bringing back those particular memories.

A Note On Ratings

Again, keep in mind a PG rating in the 90’s may not be up to your standards of a PG movie today, so get your coughing and distraction techniques ready in case you need them.

Also, don’t forget the fun of a backyard screening! If you bought a projector to make your backyard a wicked cool cocoon, and it’s too cold where you live to continue watching movies outside, bring that Mini Movie Projector inside! You can convert one of your rooms (preferably with a big comfy couch) into a screening room, you just need a big wall. Your kids will love it.

90's movies to watch with your family

As usual, with all of my posts, I have tried to find the obscure and less known. Some movies you defiantly showed your family already. Some you will say “OMG! I forgot about that movie”. Many of these can be found on tv or streaming (I will include the Amazon Video links below), but most I’ve ordered on DVD from the library. Because just like these characters in 90’s movies, I’m old school. Oh… what age can I show them Old School?

The only thing I love more than 90’s movies is 80’s movies! Don’t forget to check out my huge list of Fun 80’s Movies to Watch with Your Family Today!

90's movies to watch with your family

Fun 90’s Movies To Watch With Your Family Today: PG Movies

Problem Child – 1 h 21 min, 1990, PG

Home Alone – 1 h 42 min, 1990, PG

Hook – 2 h 21 min, 1991, PG

The Rocketeer – 1 h 48 min, 1991, PG

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – 2h, 1992, PG

A League of Their Own – 2 h 7 min, 1992, PG

Newsies – 2 h 1 min, 1992, PG

3 Ninjas – 1 h 35 min, 1992, PG

The Sandlot – 1 h 41 min, 1993, PG

Baby’s Day Out – 1 h 38 min, 1994, PG

Getting Even With Dad, 1 h 48 min, 1994, PG

Heavyweights – 1 h 37 min, 1995, PG

Dunston Checks In – 1 h 28 min, 1996, PG

Air Bud – 1 h 37 min, 1997, PG

The Truman Show – 1 h 42 min, 1998, PG

Fun 90's Movies to Watch with Your Family Today!

Fun 90’s Movies To Watch With Your Family Today: PG-13 Movies

Edward Scissorhands – 1 h 45 min, 1990, PG-13

Kindergarten Cop – 1 h 51 min, 1990, PG-13

City Slickers – 1 h 53 min, 1991, PG-13

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead – 1 h 45 min, 1991, PG-13

Ladybugs – 1 h 29 min 1992, PG-13

Wayne’s World – 1 h 34 min, 1992, PG-13

Mrs. Doubtfire – 2 h 5 min, 1993, PG-13

Billy Madison – 1 h 30 min, 1995, PG-13

Clueless – 1 h 37 min, 1995, PG-13 (I would be remiss if I neglected to mention — showing this to my ten year old daughter was a highlight of my year. I think now she understand me better. This is my FAVORITE movie.)

Now and Then – 1 h 42 min, 1995, PG-13

Multiplicity – 1 h 57 min, 1996, PG-13

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery1 h 29 min, 1997, PG-13

Pleasantville– 2 h 4 min, 1998, PG-13 (an interesting conversation about race came from this)

Big Daddy – 1 h 33 min, 1999, PG-13

90's movies to watch with your family

Next On Our 90’s Watch List

The Freshman – 1 h 42 min, 1990, PG

Mermaids 1 h 50 min, 1990, PG-13

Ski Patrol – 1 h 32 min, 1990, PG

Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael – 1 h 35 min, 1990, PG-13

Career Opportunities – 1 h 23 min, 1991, PG-13

Encino Man – 1 h 28 min, 1992, PG

Father of the Bride – 1 h 45 min, 1991, PG

Brain Donors – 1 h 19 min, 1992, PG

Airborne – 1 h 30 min, 1993, PG

Junior – 1 h 50 min, 1994, PG-13

The Cable Guy – 1 h 35 min, 1996, PG-13

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