Back to School 2018

Back to School 2018! As the summer heats up in August, and we look forward to the Fall, what’s trending for Back to School is the hot topic. I was very lucky to have a sneak peek at last week’s Momtrends Back to School event. From fun clothes, to stylish labels, to easy ideas forContinue reading “Back to School 2018”

Exploring the Liberty Science Center!

#LSCSummer18 @LibertyScienceCenter @Momtrends   I loved science centers as a kid and still do. I’m lucky now that my children comply and join me so I don’t have to go alone (ha!).  I challenge anyone to get the same thrill from modern technology as you do from blowing a giant bubble in a science center bubble maker.Continue reading “Exploring the Liberty Science Center!”

Floatopia Float Spa & Salt Cave – An Amazing Sensory Deprivation Experience!

@floatopianewyork #floatopianewyork I’ve jumped out of a plane and done yoga with a goat. Naturally my next “trending” experience should be floating in a salt tank. Enter Floatopia – a newly opened Float Spa & Salt Cave located in Dix Hills, NY. I didn’t understand – it was the Dead Sea but in a littleContinue reading “Floatopia Float Spa & Salt Cave – An Amazing Sensory Deprivation Experience!”

Phone Kickstand Marries Phone Wallet, Meet Mr. & Mrs. Monet

@Monet_Brand #Monetmoves #selfiebetter I’m sure most people agree that at this point your phone is basically another limb. It’s always with you and always needs to be available when needed. If you’re cooking, you need your phone to stand up. If you’re running in to buy something quick, you need your phone to have yourContinue reading “Phone Kickstand Marries Phone Wallet, Meet Mr. & Mrs. Monet”

2018 New York Baby Show Top Picks!

#NYBSBloggerLounge @NewYorkBabyshow @MomTrends I love going to big vendor-driven events like the New York Baby Show. My mantra is – wow me with your innovation. Reinvent the lightbulb, show me something that will make my life easier. My picks below fall right into that category. So lets get started, I’m excited to share! As aContinue reading “2018 New York Baby Show Top Picks!”

What Mom’s of Young Kids Really Want for Mother’s Day

Around this time of year the topic of what moms really want for Mother’s Day always comes up. So I was thinking what do I really want? The list below pretty much sums it up. The good news is – most of these don’t cost anything, your kids can “give” them to you too, andContinue reading “What Mom’s of Young Kids Really Want for Mother’s Day”


Happy Earth Day! #EarthDay #GlobalCitizen “The Blue Marble” photograph of Earth, taken during the Apollo 17 lunar mission in 1972. For as long as I can remember I have been a water conserving, “you’re going to take that home, right?”, put it in the recycle bin kind of girl. I credit most of this to my hippie mother. SinceContinue reading “EARTH DAY – THE MINT CHIP MAMA WAY!”

Jewish, Chinese, and Indian HoliDAYS In-A-Box!

Who doesn’t love a good old fashion family holiday? It is the glue that keeps us all together. An ad for Days United recently popped up on my Facebook feed and stopped me in my tracks. Before me was the cutest subscription service I’ve ever seen – a multi-cultural “holiday in a box” for JewishContinue reading “Jewish, Chinese, and Indian HoliDAYS In-A-Box!”

DIY Kid’s Superhero Name Sign

When we decided to bunk our two older kids together in one room I was excited to create a brother/sister superhero lair. We’re very lucky our daughter is into superheroes so the theme was an easy sell. I looked for cool name signs for my son but couldn’t quite find what I wanted. Then aContinue reading “DIY Kid’s Superhero Name Sign”

ChipBits for Jump Starting Your 2018

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. No one needs more pressure. However, I do believe a new year brings renewal, revival and the opportunity to change and improve. With that said, at the end of January, I present: The Mint Chip Mama’s 2018 ChipBits (sorry) for the New Year Hopefully some of these willContinue reading “ChipBits for Jump Starting Your 2018”

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