Turks and Caicos – The Perfect Getaway!

‘Twas just a fortnight ago I sat on the sea’s edge with my paramour quietly reading. How lovely it was to have no clock, no responsibilities, and no dependents nearby handing me a booger. As I opined in my Huffington Post piece last month “Vacation: All We Ever Wanted. Vacation: Miles to Getaway!” it wasContinue reading “Turks and Caicos – The Perfect Getaway!”

Eruv Pre-K: Day 28 of My Favorite Things: Back to School

Day 28 of My Favorite Things: Back to School In honor of my daughter starting her last year of Pre-K tomorrow, I am posting my Huffington Post article from 9/26/2013 titled “It’s the End of Our World As I Know It, and I Feel… Guilty”. Our world has changed fifteen ways up, down, left, and rightContinue reading “Eruv Pre-K: Day 28 of My Favorite Things: Back to School”

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