The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Your Guide To Hot T, Navigating Mom Life, And New York. This Week: Hiatus Over

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae Hiatus Over Peter Pan Goes Wrong

Your uncensored weekly guide to mom life, taking a hiatus when you’re burned out, and the crazy inner thoughts of this mom of three.

Weekly Mom Life Musings

Well, it’s been a minute. Our February kicked my butt and I needed to take a hiatus. I was completely burnt out from planning a huge event and a huge trip back-to-back. Both were incredible but both took such a mental load I needed to stare at the wall for a while.

On our two-week trip I took a complete hiatus from social media. It was wonderful. Know what happened? Nothing. No one missed me or noticed. It was a great realization. Of course, I returned and was totally overwhelmed with catching up, but I’ve decided along the lines of slow cooking and slow traveling, I’m going to slow social media. Maybe my social media will be less cooked, but it will be delicious.

This Week In The World

This week the world is talking about: Space X, Coachella, basketball, Tesla, Holocaust Remembrance Day, the hybrid solar eclipse, Facebook, Fox, the Mandalorian, YOU, Vanessa Lachey, Spring Break, and the Boston Marathon.

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The Mint Chip Mama Sundae Hiatus Hey Dude

What Are We Watching?

Heeeeey Dude! If you’re a child of the 80s and 90s like me, you will absolutely remember Hey Dude from Nickelodeon. It ran from 1989 – 1991. Two of the actors from the show – David Lascher and Christine Tayler recently launched a podcast called Hey Dude, The 90’s Called and listening to it has been my favorite hour of the week. It made me nostalgic, so I started showing my kids the show. They LOVED it. Going along with the theme of taking it slow, it’s funny to see how it was a much slower paced show than shows for kids today.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae Hiatus Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Food New York City

What Am I Eating?

We were in Manhattan this week, so I took advantage of the unique restaurants she has to offer. Consequently, I’ve been dying for Ethiopian food – which I can’t find locally – so I jumped at the chance. It was fun to introduce my kids to some delicious Tibs Wot. Plus, I love a chance to eat with my hands!

What Am I Reading?

This week I read Beyond That, The Sea by Laura Spence-Ash. It was about a young girl sent away to live with a family in the states because London wasn’t safe during World War Two. The book follows her life with the new family and how it intertwines with her biological family. It made me think of the lengths a parent will go to keep their child safe and how scary that must have been for her and her parents. While it was not a true story, I’m sure this actually happened during the war to some people. I was so happy to donate it to a Little Free Library after I finished as well as an additional copy sent to me by Celadon a few weeks prior!

What Am I Writing?

So, I know I said I was on a hiatus but in fact I was busy writing a five-part series about planning a large-scale event. Mid-February we planned a huge event for my daughter and then went on a trip to continue the celebration. I planned to write one post about the party but there was just so much to say it became five! If you’re planning a party, event planning for fun, or looking to up your next fete, check out my event planning series: Part 1: Where To Begin, Part 2: Party Vendors, Part 3: Party Favors, Part 4: DIY Party Décor, and Part 5: Party Dresses, Suits, Hair & Makeup.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae Hiatus Over Peter Pan Goes Wrong

Where Are We Going?

We love going to Broadway shows. It’s hard sometimes to find something new that the kids will enjoy so we always jump when a new family friendly show comes out. We couldn’t wait to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong. The show was HYSTERICAL. I can’t recommend it enough. We got our tickets before they announced Neil Patrick Harris was guest starring (through April 30th) and we were SO excited to see him! While we know him as Doogie and Barney, my kids know him as Count Olaf from A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

Since he is a multi-generational crown pleaser, we went to the stage door after the show. He was so nice and patient and chatted with my boys. They wanted to know which character his favorite was to play in the series.

Earth Day

Old Blog Post I’m Thinking About

With Earth Day 2023 this Sunday, it made me this of this post about the small ways we reduce, reuse, and recycle at home. With that said, check it out, maybe you’ll find something to help save the planet too!

Before Mom Life. Thinking Of A Place I Went Long Ago

Well technically we went to Italy after I was already a mom… But I was pregnant with my second, so I think it counts. Here two young people in their 30’s are standing in front of Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy in April 2013. While my husband and I look older today, my Burberry jacket looks the same. Another argument for quality over quantity…

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae Hiatus

This Week’s Mom Life On Instagram:

From reels to posts and carousels, see what’s going on in Instagram land. Since I was on hiatus, I want to highlight some exciting things from a few weeks ago like my beloved Beachwaver rotating curling iron (now on sale!) as well as a funny flute audio, and a little boy very excited about Bubbles (Gazillion Bubble Show promo here!).

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