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The Mint Chip Mama Sundae perspective lamb Valentine's Day

Your uncensored weekly guide to perspective, mom life and the crazy inner thoughts of this tired mom of three.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae Mom Life

Weekly Mom Life Musings

This week I’m thinking about perspective. Specifically, perspective across many different areas. Also perspective on how my kids are growing up, in how we see things (even if we’re royalty, I’m still reading Prince Harry’s book), and how shifting our perspective can change our lives.

This week the world is talking about the State of the Union, Madonna’s face, Burt Bacharach, Chinese spy balloons, the earthquake in Turkey, the Grammys, Viola Davis’ EGOT, and the Super Bowl.

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The Mint Chip Mama Sundae All American Perspective

What Am I Watching? What Are My Kids Watching?

My friend turned me on to the show All American a few years ago and I love it! Keeping with the theme of perspective it’s what life is like for a bunch of teenagers living in Los Angeles on different sides of town. It’s a really good show. Plus – Taye Digs.

My boys just finished She Hulk. I still can’t tell if they liked it or not. I guess that’s perspective from a green monster?

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae

What Am I Eating?

We decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day early this year. We have a tradition where my husband makes an incredible meal of lamb, potatoes, and Brussel sprouts… and I… eat it. It’s a good compromise. It takes us back to our honeymoon in New Zealand where eating lamb was the thing to do.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Prince Harry Spare

What Am I Reading?

Yep I’m still reading Spare. That’s it. It’s great. My goal is to finish it by Wednesday. Do you think I can do it?

What Am I Writing?

Throughout this journey I’ve learned that when I’m going through something for the party it’s inspired me to write about it. I wrote this article about writing a speech while I was- wait for it – writing my speech. It may be my favorite one yet.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae Chicken War

What Are We Playing?

We love this game – Chicken War. It’s a strategy game where you have to figure out who your opponent’s head chicken is. It’s really fun. Guess who won – I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t me.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae Intrepid

Where Are We Going?

My son loves planes, trains, and automobiles. I was so happy to take him back to the Intrepid Museum. Even better he was now old enough and tall enough to tour the submarine which was really cool. Talk about a change in perspective! Imagine living in a submarine for two months!

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae Perspective

Old Blog Post I’m Thinking About

Putting how quickly kids grow up into perspective was the hot topic this week. I wrote this post in February of 2019. I did a good job showing some longitudinal photography (a hobby of mine!). It was nice to go back and read it. Time sure does fly.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae Central Park Cristo

Before Mom Life. Thinking Of A Place I Went Long Ago

While this wasn’t somewhere that I traveled it was super cool. In February of 2005 the orange flags of The Gates by Christo and Jeanne-Claude took over New York City’s Central Park. It was a cool public art installation that was really fun to walk through. It was even more fun to see a place so familiar to us through a different perspective.

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From reels to posts and carousels, see what’s going. Basically I just did some silly dances about being cold, 90s moves, and staying up way too late. Plus I forces my kids to take a “numbers family” picture because I’m mean and it makes me happy.

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