Fun Findings at The 2015 New York Baby Show!

The Mint Chip Mama - 2015 New York Baby Show
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Hello from the left, right under the balloon!

One of the things I miss about living in Manhattan is the great events I used to go to. So when Momtrends invited me to their lounge (read pampering and a birdseye view) at The 2015 New York Baby Show I couldn’t drive into the city fast enough. In tow was my favorite gal because – as we know – the true critic of cool is a precocious child.

The Mint Chip Mama - 2015 New York Baby Show

2015 New York Baby Show Favorite Finds

I present to you my favorite finds. Some are old favorites, some are new products that got me excited (which after five years in this parenting game is becoming more and more of a challenge!). Click on the links for more information. Enjoy!

The Mint Chip Mama - 2015 New York Baby Show

Glam Squad

As always, Glam Squad did not disappoint. Besides being completely obsessed with their great hair ties and headbands, I treated myself to a hair styling and new trendy manicure! Glam Squad can do this for you too, in the comfort of your own home. Yep, if you live in NYC, LA, or Miami they will come right to you for hair, nails and make-up. How fantastic is that?

The Mint Chip Mama - 2015 New York Baby Show


The next impressive brand was Maven. Do you know how you don’t take care of yourself because for you to go to the doctor it is a whole procedure (pun intended). Well Maven brings the doctor to you – via their Maven Clinic app. You pick one of their highly qualified providers, book your face-to-face video appointment, pay the clearly stated fee, and away you go! No more time suck in a doctor’s waiting room. Brilliant.


If you are like me, cleaning your clothes and cleaning your kids take up a good portion of your time. The search is always on making sure the products I use are non-toxic and healthy for my kids.  I was happy to see one of my favorite brands – Babyganics on Saturday. I love their new labels. They make me happy. Everything of theirs that I’ve tried over the years I’ve loved. Plus it is a brand that you can trust so you don’t have to put too much effort into trying a new product. Just grab and go. Extra points for being Long Island based!

Eco Nuts

One of the coolest companies I found was Eco Nuts. I’m still baffled by the science behind their Eco Nuts “As Seen on Shark Tank” Soap 100 Loads Soap Nuts. These little Himalayan nuts naturally contain soap. You throw them in your washer and the soap cleans your clothes! What? I know. Check out their site for more info.

The Mint Chip Mama - 2015 New York Baby Show Eco Nuts

Mabels Labels

When talking about kids and clothes, especially at this pre-camp time of year, labels always come up. Happy as always to give a shout out to my friends at Mabel’s Labels. Their Limited Edition Camp Label Pack has everything your little one needs to ensure what you put on the bus comes off the bus. As someone who never found things with her name properly spelled as a child I get a thrill every time they give me labels. No ghetto sharpie stac“E”y drawn in here!

The Mint Chip Mama - 2015 New York Baby Show Mabels Labels


Moms Pump Here

Prior to mashed baby food and toddler food, there is milk. I want to highlight a new app I’m very excited about called Moms Pump Here. It locates the nearest place for you to nurse. We have all had that challenge of a baby crying, engorgement, and no clue where to sit that is both private and clean. Enter Moms Pump Here. Consider it a GPS for your boobs. Let’s help them grow their database in the name of liquid gold! If you know of a place to share click here. Brilliant!

The Mint Chip Mama - 2015 New York Baby Show


Both of my children love Mum-Mum crackers. They dissolve very quickly so parents don’t have to worry about big pieces and small mouths. Check out their new Mum-Mum Snax for school aged kids. They are both clearly marked as peanut free and gluten free.

The Mint Chip Mama - Mum Mum


Kiddylicious snacks were new to me. My 19 month old son has gobbled up their Fruit Crispies like crazy! I loved their packaging and that their snacks are fruit filled and healthy.

Green Sprouts

I have been looking to get some new green sprouts Garden Sandwich and Snack Bag, Sage Worm, 3 Months, 2-Countreusable snack bags for my son’s incessant snack habit (read: I can’t afford to keep buying prepackaged bags of his choice du jour). I loved these Green Sprouts Snack Bags. Exactly what I was looking for and beyond cute patterns.

The Mint Chip Mama - Reusable Bags

Mixed Pears

Another new item to me was the BiteSizers food scissor. With their little click-to-seal cover you can throw a pair in your bag and be ready to show a slice of pizza at a birthday party who’s boss. For me, the test was cutting a Clementine. I’m psyched to report the scissor opened wide enough to snip that baby in half. Plus there is a blade so you can cut vertically. Love!

The Mint Chip Mama - BiteSizers Scissors

My Carry Potty

The adorable My Carry Potty – available in a bee, cow and ladybug pattern – was so cute. Such a great idea too. Who hasn’t been stuck on the go with a kid who needed to go right NOW. In addition to being leak and odor proof with a watertight seal, it also offers a great carry handle so your kid will be excited.

The Mint Chip Mama - My Carry Potty

Tidy Tots Cloth Diapers

I have been thinking of introducing Tidy Tots cloth diapers into our world. My son naps on a good schedule at home and I can usually predict what I’ll find when I change him. Because of this I thought I could do a little green with this approach. I was so excited the first booth I came to was Tidy Tots Diapers! It was like they read my mind. There is so much research behind this diaper it is impressive. Plus they have a tie dye pattern, so you know me, sold!

The Mint Chip Mama - 2015 New York Baby Show


was so happy to see one of my absolute favorite products – NoseFrida. If you don’t know of this, or haven’t been given it as a gift by moi allow me to explain. This delightful product has a tube that goes in your baby’s nostril which you suck the snot out of using the other side. There is a filter, don’t worry. I cannot tell you how many times we used this allowing my daughter to breathe easier. Amazing Amazing Amazing. A+++++.

The Mint Chip Mama - NoseFrida

There was also a new intriguing product in the nasal aspiration field coming out in July – The Baby Health Care Baby Smile Nasal Aspirator. I am very curious to try it!

Sit ‘n’ Stroll

Sometimes I sit and dream about traveling to a (enter any adjective here) place with my kids. There are so many parts involved with something like this starting with safe travel. I loved the Sit ‘n’ Stroll Zoomer which converts any car seat into a Lilly Gold The Sit ‘n’ Stroll, Beverly Hills Sit ‘n’ Stroll! When the day comes making this dream a reality I look forward to zipping my kids through the airport with this. I also love the idea of having my Britax car seats with me so I know they are both clean and the best.

No Mo Nausea Band

Another super cool product new to me was the No Mo Nausea Band – the first acupressure and aromatherapy wrist band out there. While it looks very similar to an acupressure bracelet you’ve seen before, once you get closer you will smell the delicious peppermint oil emanating from the band naturally decreasing nausea and vomiting for adults and kids. Loved it. It immediately calmed me down. Maybe it would help with tantrums…theirs or mine.

The Mint Chip Mama - Nomo Nausea


Clothes are a basic item we all need for our kids. It is so nice when there is a line that one can mix and match and everything goes so little thought is needed. Primary is exactly this. As they say “Brilliant basics for under $25”. Their website is clean and easy offering sizes 0 – 10. Basics mean you can fall in love with one of their styles and it will be there throughout the size run. Also a cute idea for a longitudinal picture montage!

Hatch Things

Being out and about necessitates a good bag. Not to mention one that won’t make your stroller topple over. Hatch Things was created with exactly this in mind. That’s what you get when you add a RISD degree and a new mom together! Plus it folds into itself – which I love – and has multiple connection options. I like options.


Finally, with these little people growing up so fast it is imperative one has a great camera to snap all those fleeting moments. Canon, one of my favorite camera brands, was there with a fantastic product that’s easy to use. I still remember the excitement ordering my first digital camera from them in 2003!

The Mint Chip Mama - Canon

Nanny League

I would be remiss without a shout out to the lovely ladies of The Nanny League who kept my daughter entertained so I could do my initial lap around the show solo.  The Nanny League is an elite placement agency that matches high-profile families with professional, college educated nannies.

‘Til next year 2015 New York Baby Show!

I hope you too have found some interesting things living vicariously through my experience at The 2015 New York Baby Show. If you are interested in any of the brands above reach out to me. I have several coupon codes I’d love to share!

The Mint Chip Mama - Swag Bag
The Mint Chip Mama - 2015 New York Baby Show

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