You Swing Set Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round Like A Record, Baby. Day 29 of My Favorite Things: Our Swing Set From Wood Kingdom

Day 29 of My Favorite Things: Swing Kingdom Mountain Climber swing set from Wood Kingdom

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I would consider the first day of school the official last day of summer. With that said – that does NOT mean we have to say goodbye to one of my favorite things – playing outside.

Moving To The Suburbs

We moved into our house in January between snowstorm D and snowstorm E of the 2013 season. While most normal people think of paint colors, furniture, carpeting or home improvements all I could think of was buying a swing set for my backyard. My backyard!

The Mint Chip Mama - swing set Wood Kingdom

I Just Wanted My Own Playground

After living in Manhattan for thirteen years – almost four of those with a child – I was busting at the seams to open my door and let my daughter run free. Picture the scene from Funny Farm but not a dog and we have a fence. I started researching a swing set immediately. Plus, a swing set is a rite of passage for a suburban kid, right? The kid plays outside, while the parent watches them from the kitchen and cooks dinner. Wasn’t there a Norman Rockwell painting of this scene?

The Mint Chip Mama - swing set Wood Kingdom

We Headed To Wood Kingdom For A Swing Set

Asking around – all roads led to Wood Kingdom – a store located in Farmingdale with a huge selection and helpful staff. After much research I decided on a customized PVC (yes PVC DY) Swing Kingdom Mountain Climber. Three swings on one side and one baby swing on the other. Plus a wave slide, rock climbing wall, monkey bars, and a rope wall. I was very excited, I mean my daughter was very excited.

While there I kept upgrading to a bigger and better swing set, eventually settling on this PVC one because it required no maintenance. Ever. That was worth paying a little more to me.

The Mint Chip Mama - swing set Wood Kingdom

No More Needing To Pack For Armageddon

What’s that you say? I don’t have to pack a bag of stuff and/or put on shoes/pants/a bra so my kids can play on swings? Wa-hoo! Plus there’s that part about it being great exercise. Not to mention fun. In addition, we got a hammock swing for me and that I fit on the “big girl” swings and can go so so so high! Watch me! Watch me! But I digress.

It’s Installation Day!

Given my daughter’s previous backyard was “going to the park” I was eager to get her new shmancy swing set installed. It was so cool when they arrived. On our driveway we welcomed our partially built swing set in the back of a truck with a gaggle of nice guys who drove in from Lancaster, PA. They assembled it in my backyard as we eagerly watched. And then bam it was up – out the door to play!

The Mint Chip Mama - swing set Wood Kingdom

It’s Everything We Dreamed Of And More

It has been amazing in all three seasons so far. Since it is right in our backyard my daughter can play on it even for ten minutes on a cold day just to get some fresh air and exercise. My son loves the baby swing and having the second arm to separate him makes me feel safe when my daughter has a bunch of friends over and they are rocking out on the glider (an impulse addition that is the surprising star performer) or on the monkey bars.

The Mint Chip Mama - baby

This swing set makes me so happy. I mean my kids so happy… It is so much fun sitting in my kitchen and watching my daughter play on it. I love inviting her friends over after school and having half a dozen kids on it. It is so big, it still looks like ten more could fit! Plus, I love that I don’t have to worry about splinters or up-keep or walk to a park for some fun. The bottom line is – I simply love this swing set.

The Mint Chip Mama - swing set Wood Kingdom

It’s My Favorite Thing In My House, Even Though It Is Outside

If I put as much energy and effort into decorating my house, there would be at least one picture hung on a wall after nine months by now. But then I would have to hammer a hole into my wall – which is too much of a commitment.

You Need A Swing Set Too

If you are on Long Island, I high recommend checking out Wood Kingdom. Besides tons of wood and PVC swing sets, they have play equipment, sheds, trampolines, fences, and amazing toys like Air Swimmers (a remote control fish balloon that is crazy awesome fun).

Thank you Wood Kingdom for introducing me to a great, fun, and safe product. You have become one of my favorite things!


Wood Kingdom has offered to give away a clown fish Air Swimmers to one lucky reader!

To win – please post in the comment section below:

What summer activity are you going to carry into the Fall?

Winner will be chosen Wednesday, September 10th,2014.

The Mint Chip Mama - fying clown fish


Wood Kingdom Heritage

For over 20 years, Wood Kingdom (a family owned & operated business) in Farmingdale has been serving Long Island and the tri-state area. They offer top quality swing-sets, birthday parties, sheds, gazebos many other great quality indoor & outdoor fun products from the industry’s best manufacturers. In addition, they deliver, install, and maintain swing sets, trampolines, basketball systems, sheds, and gazebos throughout the tri-state area.

Wood Kingdoms’ birthday parties started 18 years ago and have been an indoor party industry model. The party business is a unique and ever changing concept in which we are always striving to be the best. In our clean and child friendly atmosphere your child & guests will be sure to have an enjoyable and amazing experience that will create lasting memories. Call today to schedule your child’s birthday at Wood Kingdom and be sure to take advantage of our flexible Open Play sessions.

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8 thoughts on “You Swing Set Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round Like A Record, Baby. Day 29 of My Favorite Things: Our Swing Set From Wood Kingdom

  1. I feel the same way about the swing set!! First thing we bought too after we moved to suburbs- should have got a 3rd swing though!!! That is what we will carry into fall!! Hope the fam is well!

  2. OMG those are SO AWESOME. I’ve been trying to get my 3 year old one for ages but I could never justify the price without seeing it in person!! We take a lot of summer stuff into the fall with us because my son is very outdoorsy, we’ll still be taking regular trips to Montauk and Fire Island which are two of his favorite things 🙂

  3. We love our wood kingdom swingset. One favorite summer activity is when I BBQ dinner and then we all eat it atop the “treehouse” (the covered tent- section atop the slide)– we usually end up continuing doing that through the fall ….until we could see our breaths / its too dark to really see the food on the bbq (whichever comes first)

  4. Love fall!! We will continue our daily walks until our hands start to freeze! We love playing outside with the dogs so we will continue that as well. We don’t have an outdoor playground but there’s an awesome indoor playground here! It’s great to visit on the really hot days of summer, but also fall!
    of course we bbq year round so we will be seen on the porch with s’mores in our hands grilling out 🙂

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