Everything but the Kitchen Sink. Day 11 of My Favorite Things: NKThreads

Day 11 of My Favorite Things: NKThreads Bags

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When I got pregnant with my daughter in 2009 I began my quest to learn about every baby product out there known to man (oh – does this surprise you… have we met?). I went to every event I could find in Manhattan about parenting, nursing, safety, CPR, gear, food, toys, anything. My goal was to know every item on the market and curate my child’s collection with precision.

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I was ok with the idea that a curated collection meant carrying a large quantity of items with me at all times (remember how I said I always try to be prepared?). It’s funny what that looks like when you live in an urban setting & walk everywhere. Your stroller is your car, or Sherpa – pOtato, potAto. I was lucky enough to have gotten a fantastic stroller with a big basket underneath. I also had the most fantastic compartmentalized Skip Hop Dash Messenger Diaper Bag, Grey/Off WhiteSkip Hop Duo diaper bag that hung from my stroller for the better part of three years (mmmm pockets). I could give you the coordinates of any item with me from my mental inventory at any moment. Think “Mary Poppins” on wheels. One day my friend from California came to visit. I think I spooked her by the breadth of my collection until she realized my stroller basket was just like her car trunk – at attention – and ready for anything.

20140812 stroller

Our Shepra-mobile even worked as a co-sleep space!

Speaking of cars – one of my favorite memories of coming out to Long Island with my (then) infant daughter was when my Dad met us at the curb and started laughing at how much stuff we had with us. The phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” may have been tossed out…  He said he remembered vividly how 30 years ago they used to do that with me and the day they only packed one small bag was monumental. I thought this was so funny – and so true as I reached that milestone with my own daughter a few years later. It was liberating once strolling led to walking, diapers led to the ladies room and “mom approved” snacks/food meant buying anything from anywhere. Pretty much with a MetroCard and an Amex the world was our oyster.

20140812 gugg

Then kid #2 came along. My mentality was different this time around. I was a little less stressed (neurotic?) about having everything on me at all times. We moved to the suburbs and became a car-oriented family. I finally had an SUV‘s trunk to fill! Even so, I think I kept that liberation mentality of finally being “kitchen sink-less” and tried to roll on the lighter side this time around. But how does one adapt once their diaper bag is packed away and you really, really don’t want to get it out? The answer came by way of my friend RSF who sent me an NKThreads oil cloth zippered bag. Extra points to her for adding my son’s name. I’m a sucker for a good monogram.

20140812 Evan bag 2

This bag – at first – just looked like a cute, waterproof pouch. But once I put everything I could possibly think I actually (actually, really, really) needed for the baby in it – there was still room! It could go in my everyday handbag. It could also go under my stroller. It is always in the trunk juuuust in case – packed and ready (unless my husband changed a diaper on the go… then it is there, but empty – love you honey…). Maybe it is the cute blue “camo” pattern that just made it blend in to every situation perfectly. It is the perfect size – 10” x 13”. It is thin, lightweight, compact, but fits a ton. It is just what I needed to keep my sink-less freedom while still being a good Girl Scout.

20140812 Evan bag

So now in and out of the car all day every day I can grab the kid, the snap-n-go, my handbag & throw my awesome NKThreads bag in the basket. Ah the liberation… But in case you need a food packet, towels, a car seat cover, a sun shield, a shopping cart cover, a high chair cover, an umbrella, granola bars, water, toys, reusable bags, crayons, stickers, a coloring book, a waterproof blanket, bubbles, or a sweatshirt – I have an extra in the trunk.

Thank you NKThreads for introducing me to a great product. You have become one of my favorite things!

*GIVEAWAY* NKThreads has offered to give away an oil cloth pouch to one lucky reader!

To win – please post in the comment section below:

What is the one item you’ve never needed but you insist on always carrying around? 

Winner will be chosen Tuesday, August 19th.

20140812 bag


Here is a little more on NKThreads because as you know – I LOVE learning about the heritage of brands:

It all began the summer of 2011. Two Jersey girls relocate to Boca Raton, not knowing their destiny would lead them to NK Threads. Set up on a “blind date”, they both showed up in monogrammed shirts! Over a couple of glasses of Chardonnay, they realized two things: 1. They were both obsessed with all things initialed 2. It was time for South Florida to get a taste of the monogram craze!

With support of their incredible husbands, Sean and Josh and of course their adorable kids; Alexandra, Brooke, Ashley and Alex, NK Threads was born! They are the premier monogramming company. Whether you need a gift – friend’s birthday, housewarming present, presents for all those kids birthday parties or you just want to treat yourself, NK Threads always has the perfect item.

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  1. i always have extra contact lenses for myself. And not just one, but 3-4. I have never needed them but I imagine one day, some crazy situation that pops both contacts out of my eyes and I am left blind. I’ll keep carrying them!

  2. I always have a first aid kit in the diaper bag. And I think we’ve only ever needed the Band-Aids for me, never my sons!

  3. After being caught without a change of clothes for babe once, I never leave home without it again — and rarely rarely rarely need it. But one time is enough of a lesson 🙂

  4. My own change of clothes! I probably could have used a new shirt several times, but it just didn’t seem worth the effort 🙂

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