If I Say “Done” You Say “Done”. Day 32 Of My Favorite Things: Being DONE! I Did It! I Completed My Goal!

Day 32 of My Favorite Things: Being DONE! I did it! That Is To Say – I Completed My Goal!

The Mint Chip Mama I Completed My Goal!

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OMG – So you know when you have no time to breathe and your house is a mess… Always? Yes, that’s continuously me. In addition, do you know what’s fun? Launching a blog. Consequently, do you know what’s more fun? Declaring before I knew how labor-intensive each post would be that I would write one every day. For a month. Ugh… However, I completed my goal!

The Mint Chip Mama Crabs Tobay Beach I Completed My Goal!
Day 15 of My Favorite Things: Downtown Bookworks

In other words, this has been a really fun month. Accordingly, I made some amazing brand connections. Additionally, I told the story of nouns (people, places, and things) that I believe in. For instance, these items genuinely have meaning to me and my family. Finally, I have connected with tons of new people on so many different levels and I made new friends!

Aladdin Mason Cups outside of The Mint Chip Mama's house
Day 1 of My Favorite Things: Aladdin

I Did It!

Above all, I am really proud of myself for completing this #MintChipMama31DaystilBTS. Hip Hip Hooray for me! For those who also blog you know how exhausting it is. However, for those who do not – it is exhausting! So I invite any of you to give me a pat on the back the next time you see me.

The Mint Chip Mama I Completed My Goal!
Day 20 of My Favorite Things: Stride Rite

Subsequently, going forward The Mint Chip Mama will be a weekly blog. Meanwhile, I will continue to feature nouns I really believe in, make life easier, are more “Earth-friendly”, and bring a smile to my face. Moreover, I have some great upcoming posts (in my unique writing style of making you cry and laugh) up my sleeve, don’t you worry.

I will also continue to do giveaways because – who doesn’t like winning stuff!

Likewise, if there is something you would like me to write about – just ask. Additionally, if YOU want to be a guest blogger – just ask!

A little secret: In case you missed it – at the bottom of each post I wrote: “Visit me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter. Love me forever. #MintChipMama31DaystilBTS” For each “Love me forever” Also, I linked to a different picture of myself from all around the world. I had so much fun reliving my past 36 years. It was fun to remember I did fun and cool stuff before my title was “Mom”. Most important, I hope you enjoyed them too. If you missed one they are all posted on my Facebook page.

Thank You

As I said when I started this odyssey these are all brands I really use and believe in for years. Similarly, I cannot thank the brands and their Public Relations teams enough for believing in me – a new comer to this Mommy Blogging world. Finally, as Travis Birkenstock said “Thank you for taking a chance on an unknown kid”. I look forward to working with you all again in the future! 

20140803 Day 2 Jessica’s Natural Foods - 6 Bags
Day 2 of My Favorite Things: Jessica’s Natural Foods

In case you missed any of my posts, all 31 are below.

While the giveaways are almost done I still welcome your comments on the page.

Also, If I make you laugh, please like my Facebook page.

FInally, and even better please share the posts on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Because Mama’s gotta eat.

Days 1-10

Day 1: Happy childhood memories come in a jar…with a spout! Day 1 of My Favorite Things: Aladdin

Day 2: Your Granola-ing… What’s your price for flight. Day 2 of My Favorite Things: Jessica’s Natural Foods

Day 3: Am I in a Spa in Thailand or My Shower? Day 3 of My Favorite Things: Vitabath

Day 4: Nursing 9 to 5, What a Way to Make a Human. Day 4 of My Favorite Things: Glamourmom

Day 5: Lice, Lice, Baby. Day 5 of My Favorite Things: Vamousse

Day  6: Label it, Just a Little Bit. Day 6 of My Favorite Things: Mabel’s Labels

Day  7: I’m Loppin’ On Sunshine, And don’t it feel good (HEY!). Day 7 of My Favorite Things: Fiskars 32″ PowerGear Bypass Lopper

Day 8: Pride: In the Naaaame of Ribbons. Day 8 of My Favorite Things: RSDubs Ribbons

Day 9: It’s Up to Me, New York, Neeeew York. Day 9 of My Favorite Things: Manhattan

Day 10: SnackTaxi, SnackTaxi Riding in the Backseat..Day 10 of My Favorite Things: SnackTAXI

Days 11-20

Day 11: Everything but the Kitchen Sink. Day 11 of My Favorite Things: NKThreads

Day 12: My Baby’s Got Class, Your Baby Ain’t Sweet Like Mine. Day 12 of My Favorite Things: Not Just Art & SoulShine Classes

Day 13: Gonna Make You Sweat-shirt, Baby. Day 13 of My Favorite Things: Fruit of the Loom

Day 14: Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Hangin’ Stuff. Day 14 of My Favorite Things: WallPops

Day 15: Life is But a Beach, Sweetheart. Day 15 of My Favorite Things: Downtown Bookworks

Day 16: Pump Up the Cans, Pump It Up While Your Feet Are Stompin’. Day 16 of My Favorite Things: Evenflo Feeding

Day 17: Pump Up the Volume, Pump Up the Volume, Pump Up the Volume. Milk! Milk! Day 17 of My Favorite Things: PumpEase Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Day 18: Might As Well Face It, You’re Addicted to Joe’s. Day 18 of My Favorite Things: Trader Joe’s

Day 19: We… Are A Part… of A Recycled Nation. Day 19 of My Favorite Things: Preserve

Day 20: Shoe’re The One That I Want Oh Oh Oh. The One I Need. Oh Yes In Deed. Day 20 of My Favorite Things: Stride Rite

Days 21-30

Day 21: I’m the Ice Cream of the Crop. I Rise to the Top. Day 21 of My Favorite Things: Baskin Robbins

Day 22: It’s Saturday. I’m Going to The Met. Day 22 of My Favorite Things: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Day 23: Tooth of Hearts. Two Hearts That Beat As One. I Need You. I Need You. Day 23 of My Favorite Things: Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide Electric Toothbrush

Day 24: Try to Say Adventureland without a Smile. Day 24 of My Favorite Things: Adventureland

Day 25: Carry Your “Kitchen Sink” in Style. Day 25 of My Favorite Things: Kipling’s Joslyn Tote

Day 26: Ain’t Nothin’ But a Book Thang Baby. Day 26 of My Favorite Things: Books

Day 27: It’s 2pm Eterna-a-a-a-all. Day 27 of My Favorite Things: Globalization

Day 28: Eruv Pre-K: Day 28 of My Favorite Things: Back to School

Day 29: You Swing Me Right Round, Baby Right Round Like A Record, Baby. Day 29 of My Favorite Things: Swing Kingdom Mountain Climber from Wood Kingdom

Day 30: 482,400 Minutes. How Do You Measure, Measure Eleven Months? Day 30 of My Favorite Things: My Children As Siblings

The Last Day! I Completed My Goal!

Day 31: Bidet is Gonna Be the Day That They’re Gonna Throw it Back to You. Day 31 of My Favorite Things: Luxe Bidet Neo 180 (Elite Series)

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