Will You Still Bug Meeee, Tomorrow…

@GuardianRepels Facebook Twitter I don’t like bugs. I won’t kill them because I’m nuts, but I don’t like them. I equally don’t like bug spray. Not the chemicals, not the feel, not the spray, not the smell, not how I – despite my best efforts – get it in my mouth EVERY time, nothing aboutContinue reading “Will You Still Bug Meeee, Tomorrow…”

The Mint Chip Mama’s Sesame Place Tips!

If you live on the East Coast, I’m guessing at some point in your life you have been – or are planning to go – to Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA. Sesame Place was my absolute favorite amusement park as a kid so I could not wait to take my own children. It’s a great parkContinue reading “The Mint Chip Mama’s Sesame Place Tips!”

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