Today My Last Three-Year-Old Turns Four

I have one hour left of having my last three-year-old. Tomorrow – my third child, my Benjamin, will wake up four years old. The Transition From Age Three to Age Four The transition from age three to age four struck me hard each time it happened. Since the beginning of the month it hit meContinue reading “Today My Last Three-Year-Old Turns Four”

This Is 40 (and 7 months…)

I wrote this in April, turned 40 in May, and am publishing it December 31st, 2018… all I can say is this – 40 doesn’t feel any different than 39… minus needing my glasses a bit more… I had hoped to publish this before my birthday on the Huffington Post but they switched their formatContinue reading “This Is 40 (and 7 months…)”

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