Exploring the Liberty Science Center!

#LSCSummer18 @LibertyScienceCenter @Momtrends I loved science centers as a kid and still do. I’m lucky now that my children comply and join me so I don’t have to go alone (ha!).  I challenge anyone to get the same thrill from modern technology as you do from blowing a giant bubble in a science center bubble maker. TheContinue reading “Exploring the Liberty Science Center!”

Kudo Banz – Wearable Positive Feedback!

If you’re a parent, I’m quite sure you’re familiar with sticker charts. I am too. Little pieces of bribery that bring so much happiness to both parties. When I met the nice people from Kudo Banz last week I was very, very impressed by their expansion of this age old positive reinforcement tradition. Their ideaContinue reading “Kudo Banz – Wearable Positive Feedback!”

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