The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Your Guide To Hot T, Navigating Mom Life, And New York. This Week: My Birthday, King Charles’ Coronation

The Mint Chip Mama Sunday - Birthday Coronation

Your uncensored weekly guide to mom life and the crazy inner thoughts of this mom of three who did NOT get a birthday coronation crown.

Weekly Mom Life Musings

This week I turned 45. Turning 40 was kind of fun and quirky. Turning 45 just felt old. Luckily we had an amazing day in Manhattan so I was distracted. I know 45 is not OLD but it’s a number that hit me more than I expected. Meh, it beats the alternative. Get of my lawn.

In other news, our car lease is almost up so we went car shopping this week. Ugh, we left feeling completely defeated as prices are nuts and inventory is still low. It’s hard to stomach paying more and getting less. However, Mazda was offering complimentary manicures, so that was pretty exciting. I thought by sending my husband for oil changes all these years I was just missing out on free bagels – womp womp.

Were you excited to watch King Charles’ coronation? I was hoping to go but we had a Bar Mitzvah. I know if he had a nickel for every time he heard that excuse he’d be… King? Funny enough my mailman said that invitation was in the same bag as my Met Gala invitation which he somehow lost. Or else I would have gotten them. Both. And Gone. To Both.

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The Mint Chip Mama Sundae

This Week In The World

This week the world is talking about the coronation of King Charles III (again, I was not invited), The Met Gala (again, I was not invited), and finally my birthday (Yay! I was invited). Plus quiet luxury, The Goldbergs final episode, A Million Little Things finale, Star Wars, May the 4th Be With You, and Cinco de Mayo. Plus girl power in the Japanese election, the Aerosmith’s tour, and the best news of all – Covid-19 is no longer considered a global health emergency!

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae - Birthday Coronation - Magic Mike

What Am I Watching?

Since it was my birthday I gave myself a little treat and watched this surprisingly good movie to herald in the day. Do you know what? Magic Mike’s Last Dance was great. It was exactly what you’d expect and such a fun movie to watch. Plus abs. Lots of really pretty abs. And dancing in the rain. Thank you Channing Tatum for making my birthday special, if only you gave me a birthday coronation crown.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae - Birthday Coronation Limani

What Am I Eating?

What’s more exciting than a fancy lunch on your birthday? I never go out to lunch so this was a treat. We started with fried zucchini chips and some incredible tzatziki. After that came grilled octopus so perfect it brought happy tears to my eyes. Next, we shared a perfect Greek salad. Finally, as if all of that wasn’t enough, a pair of lamb chops and a dozen shrimp followed. To top it all off a platter of colorful sliced grapefruit came out with a candle and blew me away with its flavor. Pun intended. Thank you Limani at 45 (!!) Rockefeller Center for hosting us, for the perfect pre-theater lunch, and for making my birthday so special.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae - Birthday Coronation Hotel Cuba

What Am I Reading?

Hotel Cuba grabbed me from the start and is keeping me turning the pages. I’m a hundred pages in and don’t want to put it down. It’s about two Jewish sisters who leave Europe during the war for a new life in America. However, as they approach they learn America is no longer accepting them and the boat is diverted to Havana. I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae - Becoming A Jewish Adult

What Am I Writing?

Speaking of being a young Jewish woman, in this week’s Mitzvah Market article I write about becoming a Jewish adult in 2023. As we move through my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah year I think what type of life she’d have if we lived in biblical times. Not sure how she’d do since Lululemon was not yet invented. Or TikTok. Or Sephora

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae - Rummikub

What Are We Playing?

We picked up Rummikub, one of our old favorites again this week. I used to play it years ago with my daughter but we haven’t played in a while. I loved mesmerizing my kids with the clever ways to make something out of nothing from the tiles thrown out. It’s possible I made up half the rules because I couldn’t remember them, but I’m not sure, so if they ask just say yes.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae - Birthday Coronation Halarosis

Where Are We Going?

Mother’s Day is coming up next Sunday! What better way to show your mom and all the moms in your life some love than supporting a woman owned local business. With that said, I headed over to Halarosis in Roosevelt Field to check out their line of candles and air fresheners. They have tons of different scents and each comes in a variety of vessels to match any decor. Plus my favorite of all – the Metallic Collection – has a wildflower embedded dust cover. Just throw that baby into some dirt and you’ll have a gorgeous bouquet by Father’s Day. Plus, all of the soy based candles are clean and free of everything bad.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae - Mother's Day

Old Blog Post I’m Thinking About

One of my favorite posts is titled What Moms Of Young Kids Really Want For Mother’s Day. This is not a list of things to buy, it’s a list of things to do. Like close a freaking drawer. Or shut off a light Or simply say thank you MOM. Thank you for all that you do. However, if you want a list of things to buy, check out my Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae - Birthday Coronation Venice

Before Mom Life. Thinking Of A Place I Went Long Ago

Finishing out our Italy tour of 2013, here I am in Venice. When I visited Venice, Italy for the first time in 1999 as a backpacking college student I remember getting out of the Eurail train and seeing water all around. The canals blew me away and I instantly fell in love with the city. I was so excited to go back with my husband on our “baby moon” and share this special place with him. As a glassblower it was also super cool to finally travel in style to Murano and check out the glassblowing studios.

The Mint Chip Mama Sunday - Birthday Coronation Instagram

This Week’s Mom Life On Instagram:

This week on Instagram I hide in my car while my kids have sports practice. Then we celebrate my birthday with a great city day where I jump up to 45 (th Street) and then realize I’m too old to jump. Plus I visit the new candle store Halarosis, and we celebrate LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Westchester turning 10!

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