The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Your Guide To Hot T, Navigating Mom Life, And New York. This Week: Tired Mom, Ashwagandha, Harry Potter, Pastina, Puzzles

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Tired Mom Port Jefferson Wings

Your uncensored weekly guide to mom life and the crazy inner thoughts of this tired mom of three.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae Mom Life

Weekly Tired Mom Life Musings

This week, we were back in our town’s high school auditorium for an amazing A cappella concert, took a gorgeous night hike in Yorktown Heights, and I pondered on the excitement that comes with sending out invitations for a big event. I also started taking ashwagandha to see if it helps with the stress coming from planning said big event. Have you tried it?

The world is talking about Mega Millions, The Golden Globes (did you see The Fabelmans?), ChatGPT, Pastina going bye-bye, The Buffalo Bill’s Damar Hamlin, the Boston Celtics win, Lisa Marie Presley, the FAA grounding all flights for a morning, The Menu, plus lots of football and soccer talk. Also for those way cooler than this tired mom, the Coachella 2023 lineup.

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The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Tired Mom Ticket to Paradise

What Am I Watching? What Are My Kids Watching?

You can’t go wrong with George Clooney. This movie was adorable but even better I loved seeing how much George Clooney and Julia Roberts clearly love each other in real life. You can see they had so much fun making this movie, even if they’re playing characters who don’t like each other. Plus they dance to “Everybody Dance Now” by C + C Music Factory which was worth watching the movie in itself!

My boys are rocking it old school with Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Tired Mom

What Am I Eating?

I’ve been loving all the treats Wildgrain* (a bake-from-frozen) delivery service sent me! These chocolate avalanche croissants were amazing. They went right into the oven from the freezer and came out perfectly golden brown. If I was Emily in Paris I wouldn’t have treats so delicious.

*$10 off your first box + FREE Croissants in every box! (Limited to the first 50 people)

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: January Mom Life Michelle Obama

What Am I Reading?

I’m still working my way through Michelle Obama’s The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times. The part that resonated with me this week was the negative things adults (often strangers) say to children that stick with them for the rest of their lives. Obama speaks about how despite the success one may achieve personally or professionally, (using herself and Stacey Abrams as examples), we are always that little kid trying to prove that adult wrong. I loved how she brought to light how despite the adult most likely making the statement as a thoughtless, fleeting comment, the receiver of this message – the child – never forgets it. The child grows to internalize this comment, believe it, and make it their life’s work to combat feeling that it’s true. I had this happen to me, what about you? I wonder if this has happened to men as much as women?

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Tired Mom Mitzvah Market

What Am I Writing?

This week I wrote a piece titled The Adrenaline Rush of Sending Mitzvah Invitations about how one feels when they send out invitations to a big event they’re hosting. Whether you send out paper invitations or electronic invitations, getting your event out into the world is both exhilarating and a little scary. It makes it real and sets up a countdown clock to the event.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Tired Mom Kodak Puzzle

What Are We Playing?

I’ve always want to be a person who does puzzles, so I finally took the leap. Not only was this 1000 piece puzzle a fun family activity but I learned my six year old is a whiz at puzzles! He did most of the puzzle himself and I loved watching how his cute little brain worked so quickly matching the pieces. I can’t wait to do the next one! But maybe I’ll scale it back to 500 pieces.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Tired Mom Harry Potter Forbidden Forest

Where Are We Going?

We are big Harry Potter fans in my house and were super excited to visit the Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience at Franklin D. Roosevelt Park in Yorktown Heights. They transformed this already beautiful forest into one that is stunningly illuminated and filled with key scenes from the books and movies. Plus I loved how they tied in philanthropy with their “Give a Tree, Grow a Forest” partnership with @onetreeplanted. At the time of our walk, they have donated 45,955 trees. If you want to go hurry up! The last time to wave your wand on this 1.5 mile Westchester trail is January 22nd!

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Tired Mom Time Management

Old Blog Post I’m Thinking About

Now that the initial excitement of 2023 has passed it’s time to get to work. I don’t care about diets or exercise as resolutions, I just want to get my act together. I found myself reviewing Megan Sumrell’s time management points highlighted in my post titled “Hey Burnt Out Mama: Instantly Fix Your Day With Megan Sumrell’s Time Management Tips For The Busy Mom“. Because I certainly know this tired mom needs some tips!

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Tired Mom in Bora Bora

Before Tired Mom Life. Thinking Of A Place I Went Long Ago

Keeping with my honeymoon pictures, at this point in 2006, we explored the North and South Islands of New Zealand and then headed to Tahiti and Bora Bora. Always searching for yin and yang, we toured and explored, and then finished up our trip by relaxing on the beach in an overwater bungalow which was as amazing as we imagined.

This is one of my most favorite pictures of me ever taken. We just bought me a pair of Bora Bora’s famous black pearl earrings (we even got to pick out the pearls and make the earrings ourselves!) and were hungry. It was lunch time so I asked the man who worked there where he went for lunch. He said it was a tiny place that tourists never went. I said “perfect! that’s exactly the type of place I want”. In this lunch hut we had the most incredible meal – what you see here is Poisson Cru. It is raw tuna marinated in fresh lime juice and then mixed with creamy coconut milk, cucumbers and tomatoes. It was so simple and so fresh and just incredible.

The Mint Chip Mama Sundae: Instagram

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