2018 New York Baby Show Top Picks!

I love going to big vendor-driven events like the New York Baby Show. My mantra is – wow me with your innovation. Reinvent the lightbulb, show me something that will make my life easier. Therefore, my picks below fall right into that category. So lets get started, I’m excited to share!

2018 New York Baby Show - The Mint Chip Mama


As a mom whose first kid suffered terribly from reflux, I’m excited to share the MumBelli. It is a womb-like bassinet that has a removable wedge propping up your refluxy baby and an adjustable foot piece that holds your baby in place. Since it is so lightweight, it would be a great addition to your newborn’s nursery. When I think of all the times I held my daughter up for a half hour after eating – a product like this would have been a lifesaver.

2018 New York Baby Show - The Mint Chip Mama

Ta-Ta Towel

Next is a product that both stopped me in my tracks and cracked me up. Ya know boob-sweat? Well this bad boy’s sole purpose is to stop it. The Ta-Ta Towel slings over your neck, is adjustable, and holds your girls in place. It’s terry lining grabs that sweat while the elastic supports you. I also love that they are made in the USA by seniors who are paid a very generous wage.

2018 New York Baby Show - The Mint Chip Mama

My Travel Tray

The next great product is My Travel Tray. It is 100% one of those “why didn’t I think of that” products and had all of us bloggers buzzing. It is perfection in its simplicity. This tray goes in your cup holder immediately morphing it into a better cup holder and a tray. You can use it in a car seat, at a sports game, in your car – anywhere you have a cup holder! The wide tray is the perfect size for a snack, comes in fun colors, and is made in the USA.

2018 New York Baby Show - The Mint Chip Mama

La Petite Creme

La Petite Creme is a new product to the US but – like yogurt cake and waiting five minutes before getting your baby after a nap – it’s HUGE in France. This efficient cream replaces the cleaning wipe & barrier cream on your baby’s tush. I put a little on a wash cloth (or you can use a disposable cloth), wipe the tush, and what’s left is a clean, soft, nice smelling barrier ready for the next diaper. I want to be the mom who cloth diapers, but since I’m not – at least this saves a wipe on my journey to be green.

Pump Spotting

Naturally, I can’t write about a baby show without something breastfeeding related – so let me tell you about this great Boob-mobile. The ladies from Pump Spotting – a new app that helps you locate a clean place to nurse – are going cross country in their huge breastfeeding pimped out RV to spread the word. Inside is a nursing haven with all kinds of great products ready for breastfeeding moms. But my favorite part was the graffiti wall. Artwork compliments of my daughter. I think it looks exactly like me.

2018 New York Baby Show - The Mint Chip Mama


As someone getting more and more into essential oils, I was excited to see these BreatheFrida wipes from one of my go-to brands – FridaBaby. These nose wipes combine aloe-vera, eucalyptus, chamomile, and effective booger grabbing. Meaning – as you approach the booger, the essential oils open the air passage providing extraction and relief in one swipe. Let me tell you – these Swedes sure do know boogers.

Return of My Favorites

As always it was good to see some of my favorite brands – like Mabel’s Labels, Babyganics and Boiron. All great companies that should be part of your lives.

As summer approaches make sure to order your Mabel’s Labels early! Here is their camp page.

2018 New York Baby Show - The Mint Chip Mama

And while you’re thinking of camp – don’t forget to stock up on Babyganics award winning – not gross feeling on your fingers – Sunscreen.

2018 New York Baby Show - The Mint Chip Mama

My poor daughter is having such teething pain as her grown-up teeth come in, she swears but these single dose teething relief drops from Boiron.

Why I Love the 2018 New York Baby Show

In conclusion, I went into the show hoping to find three cool new things, and left with many more. What else could you ask for? Keep it coming brands, the Wallenstein girls will be ready for you in 2019! As always the New York Baby Show did not disappoint!

A huge thank you to Momtrends for hosting us in the bloggers lounge and to Boston Market for an absolutely delicious lunch. We’ve been talking about the rotisserie turkey, corn, and brownies all week.

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