Third Kid’s A Charm! Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower Ever

The Mint Chip Mama - Biggest Baby Shower

The Mint Chip Mama - Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower

Walking the floor of an event like the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower Ever (which took place in Manhattan on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016) as a first time mom can be overwhelming. As a third time mom it is more like looking for a needle in a hay stack. What I mean by this is I wanted to see what “wowed” me. That is – what was new & innovative? What stopped me in my tracks & is a game changer the third time around.

The Mint Chip Mama - Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower

Things That “Wow”ed Me At The Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower

I present to you these findings! I promise they will not disappoint.

Deepy Deepy

One of the coolest products at the show was the very simple yet ingenious dishwasher safe and BPA free Deepy Deepy pacifier bracelet (launched in April 2016). As an avid “stick the paci in my bra so I know where it is” mom I thought this was brilliant! Deepy Deepy was created after a new Dad witnessed his baby fall asleep, the pacifier fall out, and he was just sitting there not knowing a clean, safe place to store it. His invention – the Deepy Deepy lets you know the paci’s 20, 24/7.

The Mint Chip Mama - Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower


With a nod to TMI – I stopped in my tracks at the Nosefrida Fridet MomWasher. Sadly I had forgotten the need for that glorious little postpartum squeeze bottle aka every new mom’s BFF. The NoseFrida’s version added the smarts one finds in a bidet. If you know me you’ll know they had me at bidet. Available on Amazon as the Fridet MomWasher or as its cooler twin sister product (with a purple bottle!) the Fridet ButtWasher.

The Mint Chip Mama - Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower

My NoseFrida friends also wowed me with their wearable, flat IThermonitor. This innovative product attaches to both your poor little sicky and your phone, constantly monitoring your child’s temperature while charting it on the accompanying app. Even better it sends you reminders for the next medicine dose.

The Mint Chip Mama - Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower

Project Nursery

As a suburban mom always walking around my house or in my backyard I loved the new (world’s first!) mini video key chain monitor – part of Project Nursery’s new baby monitor. Love that I could carry it waiting for the bus or standing by the swing set.

The Mint Chip Mama - Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower

Hello Peanut

For those of you concerned with allergies I loved Hello, Peanut (launched in March of 2016). The concept is simple – you purchase a seven-day individually prepackaged kit where you slowly introduce your child to peanuts via a powder. After the seven days you switch over to their individually prepackaged maintenance packets. Using this program desensitizes your child towards peanuts with the hopes it will hedge off an allergic reaction. Developed by Dr. David Erstein, an allergist, and based off findings in the EAT (Enquiries About Tolerance) studies, this product is the first of its kind.

The Mint Chip Mama - Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower
Honorable mention:

Fresh Wave

The entire Fresh Wave line and that their packaging was mint green! I look forward to de-stinking my son’s diaper pail with their satchel.

Little Remedies

All of the products by Little Remedies – especially their New Parent Survival Kit, Sore Throat Honey Pops (genius!), and their brand new Probiotics Plus Electrolytes packets.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

Always a favorite on my tummy for moisturizing – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Soothing Oil for Dry/Itchy Skin for Women but I learned of their nursing butter which I’m excited to try.

Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna

Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna was one of those game changing items. As a tuna fanatic who has curtailed her consumption the last 37 weeks, trying this low mercury, hand cut and slow cooked tuna steak in water was a real “catch”. After trying at least five samples – to make sure it was as delicious – I could confirm it was.

Precocious Cargo

I would be remiss to skip the one item that made me laugh as I pulled it out of the huge gift bag. The Precious Cargo “Yay Boobies” onesie. This is guaranteed to be a well-worn shirt in my baby’s rotation. The best was my six-year old’s reaction telling me it was inappropriate to wear in public. Ha!

The Mint Chip Mama - Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower

Repeat Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower”Wow”ers

As always, it is great to see some of my favorite brands at an event like this –  I feel I need to share these three tried and true products that I could not have survived the last six years without:

The entire line of BabyGanics baby, child, and household products. I love their sunscreen, Foaming Dish and Bottle Soap, but most of all their Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. I’m so happy this brand carries every product I need saving me the time of reading labels.

Glamourmom Tanks– the nursing tank tops I’ve been obsessed with since 2010. I’ve told everyone who will listen to get one in advance and bring it to the hospital. When you don’t know which way is up and everyone visiting wants a picture with you, this tank will help you nurse and look cute at the same time. What more does a new mom need?

Finally the beloved NoseFrida SnotSucker. As a new parent you say “ew”. As a seasoned parent you say “yes”! Don’t ask, just add it to your registry. After your baby’s first cold send me an email to say thank you.

The Mint Chip Mama - Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower

Hopefully you too will find some of these items revolutionary! Let me know what you think and what products YOU found this time around that were game changers.

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