Breast Milk Lemonade

November 21st came and went. Nary a tear was shed by moi. In fact, I didn’t realize that yesterday was my day – even as I watched a commercial for the new Exodus: Gods & KingsExodus movie (nice timing 20th Century Fox!). Look at that! This, people, we call acceptance and closure. Celebrating the bigContinue reading “Breast Milk Lemonade”

Strike it Up! I Wanna I Wanna Feed You Milk

On October 12th, two days after he turned 12 months old, my little boy stopped nursing. Cold turkey. Like he was completely done. As in I nursed him his normal four or five feedings that day with the last one right before bed, put him down at 7pm, he woke up screaming bloody murder (aContinue reading “Strike it Up! I Wanna I Wanna Feed You Milk”

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