Who is The Mint Chip Mama?

Stacey Gish Wallenstein is an experienced Customer Relationship Management professional who has worked for highly successful brands in the luxury, fashion and beauty industry. A veteran of highly established companies such as Chanel and Christian Dior, Inc., Stacey managed customer loyalty programs for thousands of clients around the country. She created social media strategies for aContinue reading “Who is The Mint Chip Mama?”

Welcome to The Mint Chip Mama Blog!

Welcome to August! Today, August 1st 2014, I am officially launching this blog – The Mint Chip Mama! I’m just a mom who used to do something else at a desk and then a kid came along. Then another. Then I reinvented myself – like so many of us do after children – and startedContinue reading “Welcome to The Mint Chip Mama Blog!”

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