Cozywoggle – The World’s First Car Seat Approved Coat!

The Cozywoggle  is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. By now you can probably tell I’m a bit obsessed with car safety. Most likely because I went from urban living (read: not driving for a dozen years) to suburban living (read: driving everywhere, all the time). Learning car seat etiquette is very different whenContinue reading “Cozywoggle – The World’s First Car Seat Approved Coat!”

Car Seat Safety – Read This Now.

Here at The Mint Chip Mama we care about Winter Safety. A few weeks ago we shared some very important winter driving tips from our friends over at Kelley Blue Book. Today we want to share some winter car seat safety tips from our friends at Evenflo. I became a big fan of Evenflo when I startedContinue reading “Car Seat Safety – Read This Now.”