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Welcome to The Mint Chip Mama! A parenting & lifestyle blog where we share great ideas & places to visit in the New York area for moms, dads, & families. We also love to share all kinds of fun things we do at home, new products that rock our world, & giveaways – because everyone likes to win stuff.

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When we’re not parenting, we love tacos, pizza, binge watching shows, yoga, the beach, travelling, gardening, hikes, Broadway shows, lemon ricotta pancakes, Clueless, 90210, dressing up for 80s/90s dance parties, trivia, & vodka. We love our family very much but also really enjoy being left alone. We feel strongly that Trader Joe’s is the best store on Earth & realize that sometimes it’s OK to yell at your kids because they can be really, really annoying.

Please know, we also have a strong loyalty to dark chocolate & do not believe in white chocolate (no offense). Obviously, our favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip.

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We have so many great blog posts to share with you! Please check out our most recent ones below including family hikes on Long Island, 80s & 90s movies we love, fun art projects, and what I’m thinking about right now as a Long Island Mom Blogger.

Top Long Island Gardens, Parks, & Water Where You Can Walk Around

The Mint Chip Mama - Long Island Old Westbury Gardens

Family Hikes on Long Island (for All Skill Levels) Part 1 & Part 2

3 kids on a hike in front of a sign that says "trail"
Manetto Hills Park

Fun 80’s Movies & 90’s Movies to Watch With Your Family Today!

Fun 80's Movies to Watch with Your Family Today!

We are always looking for guest bloggers. It does not have to be about parenting. I am sure you also like to read all kinds of things once your kids go to bed or when you hide from them in the bathroom. If you have something to say, a product we need in our lives, or anything exciting you want to share with the world, please reach out to us! You can find us at themintchipmama@gmail.com.

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