Jewish, Chinese, and Indian HoliDAYS In-A-Box!

Who doesn’t love a good old fashion family holiday? It is the glue that keeps us all together.

An ad for Days United recently popped up on my Facebook feed and stopped me in my tracks. Before me was the cutest subscription service I’ve ever seen – a multi-cultural “holiday in a box” for Jewish holidays, Indian holidays and Chinese holidays. Each packed super fun, good looking, quality materials. I immediately contacted the company so I could see one for myself.

As fast as you could say ten plagues, my Passover box arrived.  Upon opening it, I found an easy to navigate sheet explaining the box’s contents: a Passover Haggadah (complete with stickers), a matzah cover, an afikomen cover, a decorative seder plate, gourmet matzo ball mix, and three jumping frogs (plastic, not real).

The Mint Chip Mama - DAYS Jewish Holiday Boxes

As you can imagine, on a yucky snow day and after being stuck inside and completely stir crazy, a fun box arriving at our door was a gift from above – like finding a baby in the Nile.

The Mint Chip Mama - DAYS Jewish Holiday Boxes

As soon as my son saw the frogs (our favorite) he took them out and started jumping around. Always in the top three plagues in my house, who could disagree with this reaction!? He was also excited for the matzo ball mix but I suggested we try that closer to the holiday.

The Mint Chip Mama - DAYS Jewish Holiday Boxes

My daughter grabbed for the puzzle-like wooden shape shifting seder plate and loved that it could morph in to many different objects. My son noted it was just like Moses’ staff (he’s mildly obsessed with the staff-turning-into-a-snake part of the story).

The Mint Chip Mama - DAYS Jewish Holiday Boxes

Next, my son wanted to see the matzah cover. He thought it was HILARIOUS that people were looking on their cell phones. There are so many conversations that could be sparked from the printed images I don’t even know where to begin!

The Mint Chip Mama - DAYS Jewish Holiday Boxes

My daughter, on the other hand, grabbed for the afikomen cover. She thought the baby was hilarious – especially because it was only wearing a diaper, and claimed the boy in the middle was the spitting image of my son. I assured her that was on purpose. Once again – a fun, funky image – from which conversations could go on for days!

The Mint Chip Mama - DAYS Jewish Holiday Boxes

As my kids always tend to do – they begged me to make this into an art project. With so much open space on each of these covers, how could I say no? I brought up our trusty markers and paint and let them go to town.

As we put the covers aside to dry the kids said how excited they were to bring them to the seder next week. Now, isn’t that the whole point? Getting the kids engaged in a holiday and getting the conversation about it started. Good job, Days! We can’t wait to see what the next box has in store!

The Mint Chip Mama - DAYS Jewish Holiday Boxes

Besides Passover, Days offers a box for the Jewish holidays: Passover, Lag Baomer, Shavu’ot, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Tu B’Shvat, Purim, the Chinese holidays: Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year, and the Indian holidays: Ganesh Chaturthi, Dushera, Diwali and Lohri.

Days mission is to help families celebrate their traditions – especially with so many people now living far from their families in new places and amongst new cultures. Their fun, whimsical items are specially curated to preserve the meaning of these holidays while keeping them light and fun.

Check out their boxes for your next holiday or subscribe to the main or all holidays option – so one can appear on your doorstep ten days before the holiday begins!

While definitely a great gift for kids, I could also see this as a fun gift to send a college student or a new graduate – who doesn’t yet have holiday objects of their own. It’s a fresh take on the tradition and sure to get a smile.

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